Friday, August 30, 2013

31 August

Happy Anniversary Mother & Father <3 May you have the best dinner together tonight haha, and I'll be at home, cancelling all my plans to be with my grandma -_- but yea its okay, my parents need a time alone, just the two of them, having a romantic dinner :D, Happy Anniversary again !!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Just found out, I have a twin.... Her name is Nadia hahaha not exactly twin but we have similar face #shocking


 Look how adorable they are.... Burmese babies AAA so cutee... The Burmese kids really love to pose in front of a camera.... !!

Monday, August 12, 2013

10 days

I will not post for the next day 10 days, cause I'm not allowed to bring my laptop so yeaa so so sorry, I really want to but yeaa. So yeaa I'll be posting as soon as I arrive in Jakardaah, after the mission trip ! <3

Sunday, August 11, 2013

YPDS days is over

So today, I realized that YPDS is over, I remember waking up early, going to Wisma 76, morning tea, sessions, lunch with small groups, sitting there half asleep half awake, looking left and right cause im bored, laughing when the translator translate it wrong, teasing Graham, Janelle, Clayton, being teased by Robert....memories kept.

Great topics taught by Ari, Cliff, Ben, Tommi, and Nirina. I love hearing God's voice and doing what God ask me to do. Though its just last night when we say goodbye, I really want to rewind it and do it again. So yea, I got my ticket for mission trip booked...

Waiting for more of God's calling :) really want to do a real DTS when I grow up and that's according to God's calling and HIS perfect timing :):)


So, today was the last day of YPDS and is the last day of hanging out with the YPDS staff's.

Commissioning Night !

On commissioning night, we, students get certificate for accomplishing 5 days of training. We danced, laughed, worshiped, and praised God. Then we all had dinner together, we took pictures, talked, laughed again.

 After the commissioning night, Me, my family, the YPDS staffs, and some of the YPDS students hangout in Central Park's Burger King, we only ate ice cream though, cause we are too full to eat another meal, and some of us were really really tired and sleepy.


Going to miss each and everyone in this picture : Lauren, Alana, Graham, Kevin, Janelle, Melissa, Robert, Nathan, and Clayton !! so so much !! Stay awesome and fun you guys :) :) XOXO <3 lots of love !!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey Peaps ! so yea I wanted to post something about asking you guys a favor maybe in prayer or in financial, so in YPDS, we have a mission trip, I'm still having faith about the plane ticket and everything. In total I need $300 dolar, and like I needed before this Tuesday. So yea if probably you could help and everything please contact me :) God told me that I could go, and that HE will provide everything, and I believe HIM... Cause I surrender my life all to HIM, It's HIS not MINES anymore, HE can use me anyway and anyhow.... So yea please feel free to help and contact me :) It means a lot to me :) Love you all xoxo LETS SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND HIS WORD !!

Happy Birthday Nicole !!

Happy Birthday to Nicole Defjan !! Have a blast one !! Today, Nicole invited me to her birthday hangout in Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia. Its so much fun, we laughed, talked, and ate !! So Yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Sorry, I haven't been posting but its because of this awesome event it's called YPDS (Young People Discipleship Seminar). If any of you know YWAM (Youth With A Mission). It's like a DTS (Discipleship Training School) but the mini one haha... Yea so its been 5 days, 2 more days till we get our certificate, for these last few days, some of the speaker like Cliff, Ben, Ari, and Nirina have taught me a lot about many things, but the one that got really into my mind and in where I improve a lot is in Hearing God's voice, Intercession, Relationship, and Repentance. It comes to mind a lot of times!! 
In this event, I met a lot of new friends and foreigners as well hahaha in these pictures there is J, the staff, Graham, Robert, My kicks, Irene, and Nathan/ Nate. Its not just them, there is many more but I havent take a pic with them. They're all AWESOME PEAPS !! THE COOLEST PEOPLE (not really the coolest, we all know I am the coolest in this blog lol~)

I can't wait for commissioning night and outreach, commissioning night is where we got to bring our food, get our certificate, and just have fuun !! #cheeky. Outreach is when we evangelize or tell the Gospel to people who dont know who Christ is ! and That is the BEST part !! In YPDS we have 2 choice of place to do outreach, in Jakardaaah or Malaysiaaa. I asked God, and he said that I should join the Malaysia... so yea.

I'm leaving to Malaysia on 13th of August and will come back to Jakardah on the 23rd of August. It will be great to tell others about God !! I'm just so excited to start ministering on a very young age (not too young).

Before after finishing the 5th day of YPDS, me and my family went to Citos (a mall) and my parents went up stair leaving me, my grandma, and Angel (my cousin) in Starbucks. Suddenly my grandma told me that while she was praying she see me in a vision, that I will be in Perth, Australia instead of Canada, but she is still unsure with her vision so yea, it will be that I'll probably do my DTS first then UNI or its the other way around so yea that's it !! pray for me more !! Thanks J-ziess