Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

Its my mom's birthday today and to make it fair, this post is dedicated to my mom (: 

Dear mother, 

Happy Birthday ! Much love from me, thank you for everything, thank you for telling me what is right, showing me the right path. Thank you for giving the support that I need in everything. Most of all thank you for being the mother I could never ask for. I love you mom ! 

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Have a great one (: 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcoming February

Bellow! Its been a long timeee....

I just want to say welcome to the month of love... And to the month where all my family except have their birthday in this month ): 

Anyhow HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD, EDDY TONAS PINAYUNGAN SANGIAN. I wanted to hug him and greet him first but I have skating practice ): 

But anyway Dad, I really hope you see this next speech that im going to make... 

Dear Dad, 

Happy Birthday Dad, I'm sorry, I couldn't be there for half of the day, I'm sorry, I can't be the second or third to say it eh nvm I'm the second not in person but hey its better than never right Dad ? 

Anyhow, Thank you for everything you have done to me, thank you for supporting me in everything, But most definite thank you fpr being the best DAD in the world. 

Now for the big finale of the speech mwahahaha.... 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ! I hope you have a blast for the half of the day, and even a more fantastic one when I'm there with ya later tonight ! Alright this is cliche but may your dream come true and may God bless you abudantly and in a fantastic way ! 

Alright guys and dad ! That is probably the longest speech, I have evaa type so feel the love Dad, I type this whole speech for yaa ! Which I'm glad to do it ! 

Alright bye everyone and love you dad ! :*  

See ya next time


Jessyca Z.S. P