Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey ! 

I know, I know, its been a long time since I last post a topic and I'm sorry for that, you guys could always email me, if you miss me so much. 


so on 15 May to 17 May, I went to Pulau Ayer with my church, it was a camp kind of thing, it was really nice and enjoyable. I had so much fun there, made new friends and took a lot of pictures. 

On 22 May, it was Aiko's, my best friend's birthday ! She didn't came to school though. If you're reading this, Aiko, you're lame. JK XD

On 22 May to 25 May, I was in Bandung for ISU Nationals. Sadly, I got last place, it's okay though, it was a  first experience kind of thing. 

This 30 May till 1st June, I have a training camp to attend. It's going to be exciting ! So if any of you guys are from Indonesia and want to meet me, I'll be in BX Exchange Mall, Bintaro for that 3 days straight. You guys can line me if you guys want to meet me (: 

I'm writing a new story on Wattpad,, it's called 'Lost Love'. You can go check it out by clicking this :P

So what have you guys been up to ? Comment below (:

Big News ! 

I have a channel in youtube ! I'll be posting videos every Monday. 

So yea, I think that's it (: I'll post daily starting today haha so V-log every Monday, Blogs every Wednesday (:

See you guys soon :*