Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Belated Holiday

Hello there...

Happy belated holiday !

I'm really sorry for not updating on my blog, its been a busy holiday for me and recently I got so tired and my whole body just dropped... but ey don't worry about me anymore cause I'm as energetic as a squirrel can be.

So I was planning to make this blog as a weekly topic like I would post something every week and I would wait for your comments.

This week and the first week of Weekly Topic is about WATCHING TELEVISION

Do you usually get those weird vision where you just stand there and streaks of color starts to cover your vision and making you really dizzy ?

That is because you watch TV or stayed in front of the laptop/computer too long. I always get those kind of weird vision and I would just immediately sit back down at the couch and just blink a lot of times.

Well yea, I guess that's it, I hope you enjoy this week topic, which was a really useless topic, but ey is better than to not update right ?

And thank you for a thousand viewers I'm really happy for it and hoping for more viewers to come.. Thank you thank you a thousand of thank you !

See you next time.

~Jessyca Zamar