Friday, June 28, 2013

Two of BS Dance Crew is going to perform in AXA Tower

So tomorrow, Me and Naomi is going to perform in AXA Tower for an opening event, since Jeremy is sick, Darryl is in Malang, Joel can't be contacted, and Aiko is having her holiday.....So it's only Me and Naomi hahaha YEY US !!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

When boredom strikes...

When boredom strikes me, I'll be in front of the camera and pose hahaha...

So today is kinda my day off, cause my whole body ache hurts so bad and because its traffic everywhere in Jakarta. Now I'm hearing music with my "roommate", Ms. Micah hearing music and at 8 we will go to the cinemas, she will watch Now You See Me and I'm going to watch Monster University, alone. I'm still so excited for next month, especially on 17th of July AAAAA <3

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Jakarta

It's 22nd of June, Happy Birthday Jakarta....

        Which means traffic and crowded everywhere, I was planning to coach today, but all my body ache so bad and its traffic, so I'm a little bit lazy... I just want to stay at home, or maybe just have a me time in Starbucks, Lippo mall kemang village. Well, I don't know yet, I'm just tired to be on ice today. While my whole body ache, feels like I don't want to do anything today except sleep.......

Can't wait till July....

I really can't wait until July, cause it's my birthday month and also my best friend, Tasha's birthday month too. Mine is on the 17th July and Tasha is on the 10th of July, its only a week different hehehe..... Well today was such a bummer... so I was going to Kokas (kota kasablanka) but I took the wrong bus and end up going down in Gandaria, and walk until Jl. Gandaria something and took ojek (motorcycle transportation) to Blok M and going down from the motorcycle, I fell but I laughed. Then I took a Transjakarta bus to Karet and took a public transportation until kokas it was quite tiring, I got only 1 student, after I coached the girl, the ice temperature was too high so the rink closed. And I went home at 7:30 and was really tired and I arrived home, and ate Magnum... and watch a little and fell asleep, then helped my mom was the dishes, and clean the kitchen....

Tomorrow, I'll get my report card..... Teehee<3

Thursday, June 20, 2013

These past few days...

On Wednesday, I went coaching in Kota Kasablanka and met my best friend, Tasha there. Well, we planned it already, and we coached together, she got 2 students and so do I.... and we stayed in Kota Kasablanka until 8. We were planning to grab dinner, but Tasha's mom, Ms. Elly brought us Hotdogs.... so we ate the hotdogs in the car while going to Tasha's house. We laughed and texted with the same person in BBM and we arrived in Tasha's house, and I met Aj and we chatted.

On Thursday, I went to Kota Kasablanka in the morning and drank starbucks coffee with Tasha and put on our skates and we got on ice, we just stand in the same position cause we got nothing to do then suddenly Tasha got a student for an hour, then I got a student but only for half hour, then after that, me and Tasha grab lunchsnack, we didn't eat our lunch cause we weren't hungry, we went downstairs and Tasha bought Sour Sally and I bought Cream Soup from KFC and we got bored so Tasha dipped, her kiwi topping to my cream soup and it actually taste good haha and we did that a lot of times and then, we went to buy food and drink for Jimmy and Heru. Then we went up stair to the rink again, and there is Jeff so we asked him to come inside and sit with us which he did sat with us after we asked him in, we laughed and joked around and Jeff skated with us and we still laughed in the rink and of course, joked around and we went off ice and again we laughed and joked around and suddenly, I got students then Tasha went home, and I finally ate my lunner (lunch dinner) then I went home..... hehe 

And today, I'm going to Kota Kasablanka around 2ish, that's why, I could write a post hehehee teehee<3 see you !!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pink Clouds...

While walking to Lippo Mall before, I found the sky turned orange, the clouds turned pink.... I got all excited bout it so I took a pic of it it looks really really nicee.... and its because I love PINK <3<3

Awesome day with my sweet cousin, Angel

 So today, my cousin, Angel came and visited me at home, and we went to Lippo Mall Kemang Village. We both played in Timezone and spent 75 thousand on random gamesss lolol XDXD and after that we went to Starbucks and get a white chocolate coffee.... we just stayed in Starbucks for an hour and head back home... it was only that but she had fun and so do I :D:D

Monday, June 17, 2013

Process being an instructor is tough....

I just realized this while I'm going to write a post in my blog......

For me, honestly speaking, being a coach, teacher, or an instructor is easy, but the process to become a coach, teacher, or an instructor is hard, because before our teachers can teach us stuff in school, they also learned back in their days. And coaches, they used to trained real hard to become professionals and to become who they are now. BE PROUD ! to have a teacher who gave you hard questions and to have a coach who probably get mad or laugh when you fall down.

And guess what ?!?!? I got 5 students in my first day of coaching last Sunday, 16 June, 2013 but got none today... but I got time to practice, but then I fell while racing with Darryl, and got my right ankle a little injured. Let's see tomorrow if there is any students.... 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Creepy little white tiger and a Cute mini ground Kangaroo

In the left is a white tiger, it comes from India, it was use to guard the Taj Mahal temple. and in the right is a mini ground kangaroo it comes from Papua, its really cute !! and cuddly XDXD. This picture was taken when I went to Taman Safari for my school's field trip it was an awesome day, I had so much fun.... !!! XDXD


It's the first day of coaching is today.... so excited yet just realized that I will not have my semester break holiday. It will be in Kota Kasablangka, South Jakarta, Indonesia from 15 June - 18 August. The best thing is that my best friends will join me coaching there AAA *so excited*. I have no other plans for this semester break except coaching, but I'm going to join Youth Gathering on 2nd July - 6th July. at least I still can have my holiday with my best friends..... See you in Kota Kasablangka !!!

Last Day Of School.....

So today was the last day of school, we had a lot of fun we did merit store and the boys played smack down and it was really a great day today hahaha. Tomorrow is when I start coaching in Kota Kasablangka with Darryl and probably Tasha, my Best Friend it will be an awesome summer holiday ever !! but we still need to do our PACE's starting next week !! but the rest of it was ridiculously awesome !! but totally gonna miss everyone in Class A :'''( </3

(ps: the picture in the left is not what happened today XDXD)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friends Can Be Keep For Infinite

(from top left until bottom right : me, Tasha, me, Aj, Darryl, me, me, Aiko, me, Tasha, Aiko, me, and Tasha. All of them are actually my Best friends hehehe <3)
  These are all my trusted and bestest friends in the whole world and without them, I don't how I can even enjoy life :) love you guys so much <3<3<3

School Girls :)

(From left to right : Aiko Sakura Wahab, Azalea Gevia Naomi Luhukay, Kezia Kirsten Ruth, and Jessyca Zamar Sangian (me). This was taken on
Monday, 10 June, 2013 and we sorta kinda close friends haha since they are the only girls in my school LOL XDXD