Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Updates !

Hello <3 

I know it's been a freaking long time since I last post, but I finally have time to update to  you guys about my boring life. 

Skating : I haven't skate this month cause (1) It's summer (2) I'm sick. 

School : It's summer, screw it ! 

Social Life : It's alright, I actually found some great friends in twitter. They are like the best. They make me laugh all the time. 

Best Friends : I actually caught up with my old best friends like Angel and Aj. And we had been talking ever since the last time we hung out. As for Tasha and Aiko it's alright, I guess.. 

Youtube vids : I haven't been doing youtube vids, cause I got chicken pox and it sucks, it's all over my face and my camera is gone, so yea, I can't do it yet. 

Yea I think that's it.

All my social media and on how you can talk to me it's on the right or left column I don't know but it's there. So yea 

Hit me up sometime and for sure I'll answer them since I have no life <3 toodless


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