Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thoughts About #1


I have never been into a relationship that is so tense, that when you broke up, you waste your tears all night for that person.

But thoughts about it...

I have some friends who is like that.

Like they would cry so hard that they finished 3 box of tissues, okay maybe not 3 but 1.

The relationship titles :

The First Time :

This kind of relationships is usually where the girls gets to date for the first time and ends up crying the hardest and hurting the hardest.

The Long Term Relationships :

This kind is where the guy truly love the girl but the girl get bored with the guy, it ends up the guy who is hurting.

Last but not least, the On and Off relationships :

It has no beginning, it has no ending, its like a tv shows. It will go off and on (or vice versa). Its either the boy who is bored or the girl that is bored. And when they are in the mood to date, they date each other again and broke up and date again and it goes on and on and on.

This kind of relationship is what I hate the most, its like GET A LIFE AND MOVE ON !

Oh wow that's harsh but meh, don't care !
Alright, that's it !

Until next time (:

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